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We aim to look forward, imagine what opportunities can be achieved, whilst accounting for difficult situations. We seek to account for the interdependence of our partners' choices and those available to others, and understand how those may reinforce or frustrate our partner’s endeavours.

Business, Organisational and Technology Strategy

At Lumio, we believe strategy revolves around choices. We use our choice-driven Decision Diamond framework, drawing upon military and business strategy frameworks to create an outcome that delivers not just strategy, but great strategy.

Public Policy Analysis

We draw upon the experience and expertise of our people who have previously advised Australian and foreign Cabinet ministers, to deliver insights on public policy and implications for future outcomes.


Understanding your environment and the competitive actors within it is critical to anticipating, adapting, and influencing change.

Market Intelligence

Our breadth of international and domestic experience, coupled with our analytical approach, enables us to understand and communicate implementable insights.

Geo-political Analysis

Knowledge of key actors and historical insights are fused to determine the big plays that can disrupt or deliver opportunity.

Competitor Analysis

In increasingly complex and crowded environments we can distill critical competitive advantages for our clients.

Supply Chain Analysis

Recent global environmental and geo-political machinations have taught us the importance of understanding supply chain vulnerabilities and opportunities.


We support our partners to translate ideas and strategies into reality by recognising the power of clear, concise and conscious communication.

Political Advisory

Our team has hard-won experience from the Hill to support more effective communication and further client interests with key decision makers.

Leadership & Management

Decades of combined experience leading and managing diverse and complex in domestic and foreign environments can be applied to derive unique lessons and guidance for your organisation and its people.

Governance & Assurance

Effective and efficient frameworks to enable key decisions to be made and enacted faster than the competition.


Technology underpins the pace of change in our world, and we seek to embrace and exploit innovative enablers for our partners that empower, rather than burden.

Influence Analysis and Acquisition

Cliched descriptions of technological change being fast paced and evolving exponentially are just that for a reason. We help you systematically breakdown your organisational needs, identify possible opportunities, and design a fused future eco-system together to take on our accelerating world.

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